urgent announcement (hakushin

this site was based on a shitty onedrive account, that might be rekt on Thu Oct 20 2022, 11:02:55 UTC:barbruh:

so that basically means after that time, even this site and its file stroage site still exists, the actual porn data on it would be lost forever:bruhfei:

unless… i bought another onedrive account, and migrate all data on this account into it; but if i didn’t intend to do that, that’s it, it’s over

but before that day come, this site will continue providin’ free porn service of full length porn movies and pics, until its very last moment:thonkeqing:


the new storage is set, and its url is currently here

when the time comes (esp. confirmed that it won’t get rekt like the last one), i would start the migration process:lickeqing:


almost all of old onedrive account’s data were all in the new onedrive account, we can mostly say that they’re all “migrated”, now i can delete them for good (convinced

and after i bought and tested 114514 onedrive accounts, they’re all kinda gonna get rekt at the exact date as the aforementioned one, Thu Oct 20 2022, 11:02:55 UTC, it almost looks like these accounts are all gonna be Auschwitzed for good:barbruh:

microsoft = nazi germany theory, hakushin argumentation, douzo (no mercy

it seems that i’ll have to make the very good use of this 1TB shit for fuckeqing good:bruhfei:


10TB milestone reached:AYAYA:


it seems that sexart uploads has come to an end (most likely

but if i had time, i shall find a way to reupload some of them (mostly 1-852) into guilded drive too, and find an opportunity to share here:thonkeqing:

what’s next? i also had defloration’s videos until mid 2020, but these ones are pretty old and would require some more time to process:barbruh:


this site has undergone an almost smooth migration from one pikapod account to another within 20 minutes, and currently no issues found (convinced:lickeqing:

normally i would only do that once per three months, but now it’s only a proof of concept move, and at least it works:ayaya:


guilded drive html version was open AGAIN, thanks to some new mysterious antics:wiebitte:

i’ve got another new 2GB ram vps (hakushin) to make sure its smooth experience (oouso

mockeqing, douzo (no mercy


unfortunately the main onedrive account, that most of the directories of this site rely on, would be terminated on probably Tue Jan 24 2023, 09:53:08 UTC:barbruh:

unless i could thonk of any better idea like buyin’ an onedrive account with admin access, i guess this is it, the end of an era:bruhfei:

ofc this site won’t be shut down, since i could still use it to post hentai stuff, just replace image source from onedrive to guilded ofc (convinced

as for videos, i guess hls videos of m3u8 would still work for a while, just install a hls plugin or vlc player on mobile to enjoy them:thonkeqing:


FINALLY i had an onedrive global administrator, basically means i own a sharepoint tenant now! NO ONE, not even MICRO$OFT could tear mein fuckeqing porns apart anymore (convinced

the tenant renaming work was still in progress, but days later, we could have new sharepoint site(s) under fuckeqing.sharepoint.com, time to MAKE FUCKEQING GREAT AGAIN! :wiebitte:


after 114514 seconds of hard (hakushin) work, fuckeqing.sharepoint.com finally start working, and the very first sharepoint site of it, fuckeqing, is open for business (convinced

let me upload a jean chan irl with saggy boobs onto it…


fuckeqing is officially gone! forever! and i basically lack any motivation to revive it again:bruhfei:

after that, i could only do cosplay porn and such via hls antics, just let me find a usable hls plugin…